It has been an awesome year so far for Lucky, and for the industry as a whole from what we are seeing.
Our latest product shipment has arrived in port and we expect it to arrive at the warehouse by end of the week.We increased the shipment size, but demand continues to be super strong, so make sure you get your orders in while everything is still in stock.
We have listened to your feedback and have made a change to the margin structure for Lucky completes, decks, and forks.
Beginning 5/10/2016 we are increasing the margin by 5% to ~45% for completes, and decks and forks increase to ~50% similar to all other parts. We based our original margins on the estimated costs with the new factory and increased quality requirements. We have been able to reduce costs in a few areas and are able to pass that on to you to help make your business more successful and profitable! As we continue to increase volume and sales we will be able to pass future savings on as well.
We are also excited to announce that we are increasing the warranty on all Lucky products to 6 months. This will give your customers the confidence to purchase Lucky products and send the message that we firmly stand behind the best quality products in the market.
We have been watching warranty claims worldwide for the past six months and have had very few claims on only on a small number of products. Most of those we cleaned up before this shipment with some tweaks to the robotic welding heat and speed rates. Our defect/claims rate is lower than it has ever been since we started the company over six years ago. This is something we are extremely proud of and have worked really hard to get right.
Thank again for the relationship we are building and your support of our company and the Lucky Scooters brand. 
Brian Jeide
Lucky Scooters
May 12, 2016 — Bayley Maxcy
Tags: Updates